Hello K America Foundation Supporters

2020 has been quite a volatile year so far. We hope you are staying safe and healthy.
Each time we are about to make a decision and update you again on new dates for Hanbok Walk something unexpected happens, so we felt we should just update you on our process.

Safety is our #1 concern as a large Asian gathering in traditional clothing could be targeted by those with the intent to disrupt, harm, or worse. Not to mention current California restrictions against large gatherings in order to restrict the spread of the Coronavirus. We must think of the safety and health of our friends, families and supporters—especially children and elderly who may attend Hanbok Walk.

At this time we still intend to hold Hanbok Walk, but we do not know when. After rain cancelled Hanbok Walk, we had picked October 3, 2020 (National Foundation Day of Korea) as the new date. However as we were planning the announcement, Covid-19 hit, quarantine/lockdowns became the norm, businesses and nonprofits closed (some permanently), many lost their jobs, and heartbreakingly many lost their lives and loved ones. If that was not enough, racist attacks against Asian-Americans spiked and remains an ever present reality. Now as the country slowly tries to open back up, the outrage against police brutality, systemic racism, and the continued killing of our Black brothers and sisters has burst in peaceful protests as well as rioting/looting around the world (as well as blocks away from the Santa Monica Pier). But wait… there's more! As you know Coronavirus infections are rising again worldwide. What will be next? We don't know. So we can't make a decision on Hanbok Walk just yet. It takes a lot of time and money to plan and promote such a large event…some of which was not refunded to us and some of which was credited for the event next year. We ask for your continued patience and understanding. If you paid for Hanbok Walk registration you will not have to pay again when a new date is set.

2020 has disrupted many events globally from the Tokyo Olympics to the Oscars and many charitable events which were the main source of funding for nonprofits large and small. As a new organization we are unfortunately not able to issue refunds as was clearly stated on the registration and donation pages. We are committed to rescheduling Hanbok Walk to a later date and we are committed to serving our community of Koreans, Korean-Americans, Korean adoptees, and blended-race Korean families.

Please take a look at the work and programs of the K America Foundation at https://kamerica.org to see what your donations and registration fees have helped support this past year:

We hope you take pride as we do for supporting this important and much needed work. We will take this time to restructure and rethink how best to serve our communities during this historic global financial and health crisis. We stand committed to continuing our work and we thank you for your continued support.

In gratitude,
YOON, Byongchan
The K America Foundation